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This page includes the publicized source code and data for the researches in our group.

10. Multi-spectral Salient Object Detection by Adversarial Domain Adaptation. AAAI 2020

Project page

9. Haze segmentation data


8. Identifying Designs from Incomplete, Fragmented Cultural Heritage Objects by Curve-Pattern Matching

Project page

7. Tracking in Low-Continuity Image Sequences. CVPR 2016

Project page

6. Dual-source CNN for Human Pose Estimation. CVPR 2015

Project page

5. Ratio-Cut

An image segmentation software package. [download]

4. Ratio-Contour

A salient-boundary extraction software package [download] (updated 08/14/2006).
More recent updates on Ratio Contour can be found from here(updated 12/06/2011).

3. SRC

A symmetric-boundary extraction software package [download] (updated 06/05/2007).

2. Segmentation-Benchmark

An image-segmentation evaluation software package. [download]

1. Shape-Correspondence

A nonrigid shape-correspondence software package for statistical shape analysis [download] (updated 10/30/2006).

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