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Hongkai Yu, Ph.D. 2018, Now at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Yuewei Lin, Ph.D. 2016, Now at Brookhaven National Laboratory
Xiaochuan Fan, Ph.D. 2016, Now at
Youjie Zhou, Ph.D. 2015, Now at Google
Dhaval Salvi, Ph.D. 2014, Now at CapitalOne
Yu Cao, Ph.D. 2013, Now at Facebook
Jarrell Waggoner, Ph.D. 2013, Now at Rally Health
Andrew Temlyakov, Ph.D. 2012, Now at Amazon
Zhiqi Zhang, Ph.D. 2012, Now at Vipshop US Inc.
Pahal Dalal, Ph.D. 2011, Now at Amazon
Brent Munsell, Ph.D. 2009, Now at College of Charleston
Joachim Stahl Ph.D. 2008, Now at Amazon
Ted Richardson, Ph.D. 2006, Now at South University
Haozhou Yu, M.S. 2017
Kenton Oliver, M.E. 2011
Habib Moukalled, M.S. 2009
Xiaodan Ke, M.S. 2008
Feng Ge, M.E. 2006

Other Members

Hua Huang (visiting professor)
Yuanxiu Xing (visiting professor)
Xianshan Li (visiting professor)
Hongquan Wei (visiting professor)
Zheng Wang (visiting professor)
Meijun Sun (visiting professor)
Guanghua Gu (visiting professor)
Mei Tian (visiting professor)
Hui Qian (visiting professor)
Na Wei (visiting professor)
Yingjun Tang (visiting professor)
Peng Zheng (visiting professor)
Limin Fan (visiting professor)
Hui Yin (visiting professor)
Xiangrong Zhou (visiting professor)
Mansheng Long (visiting professor)
Shaoyue Song (visiting student)
Yanting Pei (visiting student)
Chengzhang Qu (visiting student)
Qin Zou (visiting student)
Guoqiang Liang (visiting student)
Colin Kane (undergraduate)
Adam Bailey (undergraduate)
Michael Dropps (undergraduate)
Garrett Debruin (undergraduate)

Room 2242, 550 Assembly Street, Columbia SC 29208